Branka M. Ladanyi

Professor. B.Sc. 1969, McGill University , Montreal, Canada; Ph.D. 1973, Yale University ; Research Associate 1974-1979, Yale University.

Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1982-85 

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, 1983-86 

Visiting Fellow, JILA, Boulder, CO 1993-94
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, since 2004

Fellow, American Physical Society , since 1997

Fellow, American Chemical Society , since 2010

Editor (Associate & Interim), Journal of Chemical Physics , 1994-2010


Contact Information:

Department of Chemistry
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1872
Phone: (970)-491-5196
Fax: (970)-491-1801


Research Interests

Physical Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry

Our research deals with theoretical modelling of dynamics and intermolecular structure in liquids, supercritical fluids, molecular clusters, and self-assembled structures such as reverse micelles. In our work we use various analytical statistical mechanical methods and computer simulation techniques. We are interested in chemical and physical phenomena in which intermolecular interactions play an important role. See below for details on some of our research projects.

Research Projects

Recent Publications

Research Group

Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Theoretical Chemistry